︎︎︎Working as an Experience Designer at projekt202 and offering support and mentorship to students at DesignLab as a group critique facilitator.

Don’t hestitate to reach out if you would like to work together!

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I’m Claudia,

a UX/UI Designer with an interdisciplinary background in branding, design, journalism, and digital marketing. My varied experiences inform my deep understanding of how visuals and language best interact to tell a story and craft an experience.

After earning my Journalism degree at Emerson College, I worked in Boston as a designer and photographer in branded publishing for John Brown Media. Then, cut my teeth at Design B&B, a boutique branding agency in Chicago designing and photographing for Fortune 500 clients like MARS, Kelloggs, and P&G. I then became the social media manager and photographer for award-winning Chef Stephanie Izard, where I helped her six restaurant brands flourish and grow their digital presence. Now, my abilities converge as an Experience Designer at projekt202 where I work with clients to transform their digital experiences.

As you can tell, most of my professional life so far has been spent in, or in the orbit of, food! I believe effective and delightful user experiences are not unlike our favorite visit to a restaurant—a holistic and curated adventure marked with moments of joy, surprise, and delight. This unique perspective is at the backbone of my design philosophy, whether I am working in the food space or in the realms of social media or healthcare.

As a designer, I am constantly thinking about the potential that digital products have to impact our lives and shape society, and believe that it's crucial to factor accessibility and diversity into every step of the process, from research to ideation. I want to contribute to this vision of the future by making deliberate and imaginative design solutions that invite everyone to the table.

So, let’s brainstorm how we might accomplish this together over some pastries and coffee.


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A bit more about me 😏️

An illustration of a homemade pie.

I love getting my hands full of butter and flour—my last name means “wheat” in Cantonese so fate must have it this way! The only contest I’ve ever won is a pie baking contest at my first workplace. I made a coconut cream pie on pâte sucrée topped with heaps of lime-zested whipped cream.
An illustration of a Sony a7III digital camera.
Sure, you didn’t expect to come here to get a camera recommendation, but I’m going to plug the Sony Alpha series anyway. My mirrorless beast, the a7III, is always on me when I am travelling. Most recently, I explored its robust video features to shoot slow-mo videos of hummingbirds in upstate New York.
An illustration of the late chef and personality Anthony Bourdain.

One of my personal heroes is Anthony Bourdain. He championed the rights of undocumented industry workers, as well as used his platform to fight culinary xenophobia. Plus he said, “Your body isn’t a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride,” and that’s what I tell myself on my fourth slice of pizza.