I’m Claudia,

an Experience Designer at projekt202 currently working on building a design system from the ground up for a no code tool at AWS. In my career I am passionate about consulting with clients on how to improve their design processes and breathe new life into their experiences. My clients run the gamut of complex data sharing SaaS products to virtual presentation social media platforms - and everything in between!

When I’m not tinkering away in Figma or consulting with clients, I’m mentoring UX/UI design students through ADPList and facilitating design critiques at DesignLab.

If I’m not doing any of the above I am most likely playing games like Apex Legends, baking fruit pies from scratch, or exploring the natural beauty of upstate New York. 

If you want to work together - don’t hesitate to reach out.

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A bit more about me 😏️

An illustration of a homemade pie.

I love getting my hands full of butter and flour—my last name means “wheat” in Cantonese so fate must have it this way! The only contest I’ve ever won is a pie baking contest at my first workplace. I made a coconut cream pie on pâte sucrée topped with heaps of lime-zested whipped cream.
An illustration of a Sony a7III digital camera.
Sure, you didn’t expect to come here to get a camera recommendation, but I’m going to plug the Sony Alpha series anyway. My mirrorless beast, the a7III, is always on me when I am travelling. Most recently, I explored its robust video features to shoot slow-mo videos of hummingbirds in upstate New York.
An illustration of the late chef and personality Anthony Bourdain.

One of my personal heroes is Anthony Bourdain. He championed the rights of undocumented industry workers, as well as used his platform to fight culinary xenophobia. Plus he said, “Your body isn’t a temple, it’s an amusement park. Enjoy the ride,” and that’s what I tell myself on my fourth slice of pizza.